Here is an excerpt from the blog post Craig just put up on The EDGE Blog.

A few weeks ago, a student at camp posed one of the most difficult and mature questions with which many of us have pondered and likely struggled: How do I know God’s will? It’s a difficult question to answer for everyone, not just teenagers or the young in Christ. Right now, I find myself in a situation in which I must make a decision that requires me to dive into the center of this very question. So with all the integrity I can muster, I would like to share five thoughts/concepts to sort through that may help you in your journey as you, like me, wrestle with this question.

2006_11_21_-_115@Lisa_-_WB_01 1 – Spend time with GOD.  I know this sounds cliché, but spending time with God is imperative in coming to the reality of recognizing His voice.  Let me explain: your relationship with anyone rises and falls on the amount of time you spend with the person, talking, listening, and understanding who they are and who you are to them. Relationships in which people do not communicate do not have any chance of lasting. You have to spend time sharing with and listening to God in order to be able to recognize His voice when He speaks, however He chooses to speak. It’s like that app SongPop. The more times you hear a song, a melodic intro, or an artist, the faster you are able to recognize the song, the artist, or the voice. The spiritual concept works the same way.  And please remember!—communication is a two-way street.  You have to speak, and you have to listen.

 2 – Check the Scriptures. I am absolutely certain God has not, does not, and will not contradict himself. He can’t. If He did, He would not be God. So whenever you feel as if God is telling you something, search the scriptures. He will not tell you or send you to do something that He forbids or that is against His will or the person of Jesus Christ. If that does happen in your journey, in your efforts, or in your contemplation, then you can be certain that what you’re hearing is NOT God’s will.

Read more over at The EDGE Blog and let me know how you discern the will of God in your own life!